The Hurfords

Edgar and Mary Hurford

Edgar and Mary Hurford were the first of the Hurfords to live at Farwood - 1930's

Nellie Crouch

Nellie Crouch

Nellie Crouch was the dairy maid here in the mid 1950's

Farwood Barton Farm

Working farmThe farm has been in the same family for over 75 years with three generations working on the farm today.

Farm Activities

There are 160 dairy cows with the milk going to Wiseman dairies every day.

StooksYou are welcome to see the milking parlour working by prior arrangement with the family.

Also, the family grows wheat for thatching some used locally and some going further afield.

The harvest is carried out in mid July – August. So, if you are here in those weeks we are sure you would like to visit the harvest fields to see practices which have been a feature of the area for hundreds of years.

Cattle at Farwood Barton